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Losing Out: Understanding the Security Deposit

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Sorry I am getting off topic here, but we need help. Please read below and see what you can do.

A tragedy happened to a family here in Atlanta. Bella became paralized after a infection spread into the spinal cord. As the main bread winner in the family, Bella and her family need help for the doctors bills, payment of mortgage, food and a remodeling project that will allow her to get around her home when she gets back from the Sheppard Center here in Atlanta. Please, do what you can. What happened to Bella is very tragic and rare. Click Here if You Want to Help From My Previous Communications with Everyone: Hi guys, I am writing to you to ask for help for a family in need. I don't know if you know them or not, but they have a tragedy that has just happened. I will, below, attach a letter from the son (Gene-Zhenia in Russian) that he sent to me. Now, he only asked for our help to do the renovations, but there are more needs. Gene's mom (Bella) became paraized from a spinal cord infection (she had an infection in her body and it spread into the spinal cord and paralyzed her). There are only three incidents like this in Georgia a year (from what I hear), so this is very rare. Bella was the main bread winner in the family and now she won't be able to work for a long time leaving the family without financial support. I am trying to figure out a way to do the necessary adjustments to their house so that Bella, when she comes home, can get around. She is now in an ectric wheel chair which she regulates through a tube from her mouth. We would like to help by doing the renovation so it won't cost them any money. Also, it would be nice if we could collect enough money for them for food, their mortgage payment for a while and anything else that they might need like utilities money, insurance co-pays and what not. If you are interested in helping, please let me know. I'm speaking with Gene (the older son) and he'll set up a trust account for the parents (Bella and Ive) so people can make donations right into the account. They are a good, jewish family, and we know the family for about 10 years. If you have any questions, please email me or call me. My numbers are below. ANY HELP WILL BE GREATELY APPRECIATED. SO, PLEASE HELP! Marina Shlomov 404-936-8652 _______________________________ "FROM ZHENIA "GENE" TO ME" Gene Karshenboym gene.karshenboym@gmail.com Feb 24 (2 days ago) to mshlomov@gmail.com Marina, Hi! I am not sure if you have heard, but my mom fell very ill a few weeks ago and a result is fully paralyzed at the moment. We are hoping and praying for a good recovery but if there will be one, it will take significant time. Meanwhile, she is in the Shepard Center getting as much rehab as possible. Part of the rehab is that they built for her a electric wheelchair which my mom controls by using her mouth. I know this is not pleasant to read, so thank you for getting this far. As a result, to take her home, we will need to make a few modifications to the house: ramp in the garage, widen 1 door downstairs and possible change a tub to a full shower in the downstairs.